Spoilers - Week of December 31

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Spoilers - Week of December 31
Sun, 12-30-2012 - 10:28am

Caroline tries to assure Bill that she kept his secret 

A drunken Bill loses his temper when Caroline admits that Hope probably knows the truth 

Bill breaks Caroline’s heart with cruel, hurtful words 

An accident puts Caroline in the hospital 

Bill is suspected of foul play 

Dani and Karen look for answers 

An unconscious Caroline is unable to bring clarity to the situation 

Brooke and Katie worry about Bill’s drunken raging 

Katie concludes that Bill has a drinking problem 

Bill tries to establish his innocence 

Hope tells Bill that he’ll make it through this 

Allison helps Bill chill out by adding booze to his coffee 

Katie’s suspicions are confirmed when she sees Allison’s little pick me up 

Bill insists that he doesn’t have a problem and Katie is just hyper sensitive 

Katie, Taylor, Dani, Karen and Brooke confront Bill about his drinking 

Bill accuses Katie of changing the ground rules about something he’s always done 

Rick accuses Bill of hurting Caroline 

Liam has it out with Rick about the lie that changed his life 

An angry, hurt Caroline wakes up

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