Spoilers - Week of January 14

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Spoilers - Week of January 14
Mon, 01-14-2013 - 10:02am

Thomas and Rick present distinctly different visions in their designs 

The show is covered by the fashion media 

Eric factors in the rivals plans for promotion as well as design and quality 

Thomas presents an edgy collection with classic, romantic notes 

Rick brings out a traditional and classic collection that looks to the future for inspiration 

Eric is impressed but worried about the out of control conflict the challenge caused 

Rick and Thomas wait anxiously for Eric’s decision 

Eric decides who won the Fashion Challenge… and the Forrester Creations presidency 

The decision divides the company further 

Hope and Liam’s passionate encounter is witnessed by a shaken Steffy 

Steffy is heartbroken 

Taylor realizes Steffy has been hiding a secret 

Steffy makes Taylor promise to keep it quiet 

Taylor contemplates revealing the truth for Steffy’s own good 

Brooke implores Liam to make up his mind 

Katie asks Bill for his opinion on a course of action to address Bill’s drinking problem 

Bill and Katie disagree 

Katie makes plans to solve Bill’s problem without Bill’s approval

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