Spoilers - Week of January 28

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Spoilers - Week of January 28
Sun, 01-27-2013 - 11:16am

Hope takes advantage of Steffy’s absence 

Liam finds himself the object of a full court press 

Hope tells Liam that he should be living with her, not Steffy 

Liam is turned on but not ready to make a commitment 

Hope is disappointed by Liam’s continued waffling 

A heated discussion with Brooke almost provokes Taylor into revealing Steffy’s secret 

Taylor grows increasingly frustrated by the chaos affecting her family 

Eric listens as Taylor pours her heart out 

Taylor asks Eric to protect her children’s interests 

Eric and Taylor explore their mutual common ground 

Brooke makes a promise about Katie to Hope 

Rick and Thomas’s argument is interrupted by Eric 

Thomas decides to move to Paris 

Eric smoothes the waters 

Thomas agrees to stay in Los Angeles 

beautiful woman catches Thomas’s eye 

Dayzee grows increasingly uncomfortable with Maya

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