Spoilers - Week of January 7

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Spoilers - Week of January 7
Sun, 01-06-2013 - 9:18am

Dani and Karen come to comfort their daughter 

Bill’s mistakes come home to roost 

The Spencers and Logans gather to confront Bill 

A furious Hope crashes the intervention 

Steffy grills Liam about the state of their relationship 

Hope tells Liam what Bill did to ruin their Italian wedding 

Liam is dismayed 

Bill realizes that Liam will be angry with him 

Justin arrives 

Dayzee and Hope discuss what Marcus overheard 

Hope furiously confronts Bill, then goes looking for Liam 

Disgusted by Bill’s machinations, Liam confronts his father 

Liam tells Bill that he’s done with him 

Bill promises to stop interfering with Liam’s life 

Liam refuses to listen 

Bill pulls a desperate ace out of his pocket

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