Spoilers - Week of September 10

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Spoilers - Week of September 10
Sun, 09-09-2012 - 10:17am

A family dinner becomes complicated when Bill invites Steffy 

Bill resumes his campaign to make a man out of his son 

Thorne declines to go to the wedding so that he can be withTaylor instead 

Taylor is thrilled to have Thorne’s support 

Steffy creates a stir at the wedding just by being there 

Hope tries her best to ignore Liam and Steffy 

Thomas ignores the reality of Hope and Liam’s eventual reunion when Steffy teases him 

Hope is encouraged by Rick to pin her heart on Thomas 

Rick sends Thomas to Hope’s side, then takes his place at Caroline’s 

Caroline wishes that Thomas won’t leave her for Hope 

Liam can’t imagine why Hope thinks he cheated on her with Steffy on their wedding eve 

Eric and Stephanie host Brooke and Ridge’s seventh wedding 

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