Spoilers - Week of September 17

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Spoilers - Week of September 17
Sun, 09-16-2012 - 10:59am

The newlyweds leave for their honeymoon 

Liam’s discussion with Bill steels his spine

Bill trains his son to eat red meat like a man… and advises him on some other new man traits to adopt 

The employees at Spencer Publications freak out when Liam turns into a nasty mini-Bill 

Liam’s new outlook fails to distract him from hoping for a reconciliation with Hope 

Bill’s plan to make Liam look like an ass blows up in Liam’s face 

Deacon stealthily returns to Los Angeles 

Hope is shocked by her father’s unexpected visit 

Rick takes control of Forrester Creations in Ridge’s absence 

Caroline advises Liam to win Hope back 

Thomas finds himself in the hot seat when Caroline asks about his feelings for Hope 

Steffy vows to Taylor that she will be the victor in this war 

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