Spoilers - Week of September 24

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Spoilers - Week of September 24
Sat, 09-22-2012 - 6:11pm

Liam tells Steffy she’s the one, but he wants to take things slowly 

Steffy is thrilled to be back together with Liam 

Liam rushes to the hospital to support his father 

Katie worries about her baby’s possible premature delivery 

The delivery is complicated by Katie’s heart condition 

Katie takes a turn for the worse 

Bill is forced to make a terrible decision 

Brooke fails to answer her phone 

Hope and Liam grow closer as tragedy threatens 

The former lovers support each other in their grief and worry 

Liam’s request for another chance is met with an unexpected answer 

Bill has an urgent discussion with Dr. Meade 

An attempt to successfully deliver the baby is made 

Katie goes into cardiac arrest 

Bill heads for the chapel despite his lack of faith 

God listens to Bill 

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