Thursday's Update - August 25

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Thursday's Update - August 25
Thu, 08-25-2011 - 7:26pm

At Liam's house, he and Hope are in the bedroom and she's put the brakes on their passion. He's puzzled about what went wrong, and tells her it's okay for sex to be fun. Hope says someday it will be, but she's concerned right now that it could change things. She talks about how marriage will keep them close. Liam doesn't understand why she couldn't just ditch the lingerie and be herself. Hope moans that he's disappointed, and wonders if she's being a tease, but she still wants to wait. Hope showers and then wants to set a wedding date. Liam asks if she thinks it's important for two people to find out if they're sexually compatible before marrying. Hope giggles that they'll figure it out. She thinks maybe she feels the way she does because of all the men who came and went from her mother's life. Liam says he gets it. Hope smiles, "So why rush when we have our whole lives ahead of us." Liam muses that it didn't feel like rushing to him. Hope says it's also about Hope For the Future, and asks him to hang in there.

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