Thursday's Update - August 4

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Thursday's Update - August 4
Fri, 08-05-2011 - 9:30am

At the hospital, Brooke and Donna beam as Bill apologizes to Katie. The doctor checks in, saying she's hopeful the damage to her heart won't be significant. Bill tells Katie he loves her and they leave to let her rest. Outside the room, Brooke asks Bill if he meant what he said to Katie. Bill says he has to take care of something and won't be long. Brooke reassures Donna that Katie will live and won't lose Bill. Liam and Hope arrive. Hope is shocked to hear that Katie collapsed when she learned Bill had been seeing Steffy. Brooke assures them Steffy's hold on Bill ended today. Donna and Brooke go to see Katie. Liam encourages Hope to go in and support her aunt. They go in and Hope tells Katie she's glad she's okay. Katie asks Liam where his dad is. Brooke says he's letting her rest and they should too. The doctor returns with positive news. Liam steps out and Brooke follows. She says, "You knew, didn't you?" Liam sighs. He says he told Bill it was wrong. Brooke says Bill's future is with Katie. They walk back into Katie's room where she appears to be asleep. Katie listens as Liam and Brooke discuss Steffy needing to understand that Bill is with Katie. Once alone, Katie thinks about Brooke telling Liam that Katie will be out for blood once she's better. She sits up and removes all her tubes.

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