Thursday's Update - January 10

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Thursday's Update - January 10
Thu, 01-10-2013 - 4:20pm

In Bill's living room, Liam hollers after Bill stabs himself with the mini-sword. Bill says the pain is nothing compared to what he feels when Liam says he's done with him. He tells Liam the only thing he's guilty of is loving him too much. Liam admits he cares about Bill. He pleads with Liam not to throw away their relationship - all he ever wanted to do was protect him. Liam points out that Hope helped bring them together. Bill tells Liam his life is better now than it was before Italy. Liam doesn't want Bill making his choices. Bill admits to having some of his father's control issues, but tells Liam he needs him. Liam says he can't be like Bill. Bill accepts that and gets him to put the necklace back on. Once they've made up, Bill says, "Don't go back to Hope." Liam gasps, "Really?" They hug painfully and Liam goes. After, Bill has a jeweler over and chooses an expensive necklace for Katie. He pays the man in cash - from a wad of money he had strapped to his chest!

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