Thursday's Update - September 13

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Thursday's Update - September 13
Thu, 09-13-2012 - 4:49pm

Taylor answers her office door to Thorne, who says he wished Ridge well and then left - there's only one person he wants to be with today. He asks how she's doing. Taylor admits she's feeling nostalgic. They discuss Stephanie planning the wedding. Thorne thinks it was a bit much considering she's Taylor's closest friend. Taylor says Stephanie's changed. Taylor asks if Steffy was there. Thorne says she was, and Thomas was best man, of course. They talk about how they've grown up. Taylor says the kids will always be her bond with Ridge. She recalls memories of herself and Ridge in happy times. Thorne asks if she can move on. She insists she already has. Thorne says he wants to be there for her. She says he can. They kiss.

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