Tuesday's Update - August 14

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Tuesday's Update - August 14
Wed, 08-15-2012 - 8:56am

Steffy and Liam wake up on loungers at the hotel. They talk about the fun they had the night before. Steffy's glad he enjoyed it - once Hope slips the ball and chain around his neck, fun won't be in his vocabulary anymore. Liam mentions work, but Steffy says there's another item to check off his bucket list. He asks, "Isn't that when you're going to die?" Steffy nods. Hope, Brooke, and Ridge are at Eric and Stephanie's mansion. Hope tells them she and Liam would like to be married in their home. Stephanie says she has a problem with it. Eric points out that Steffy is still in love with Liam. Stephanie feels that Hope and Liam shouldn't get married while he has unresolved feelings for Steffy. Hope persists that she'd be so honored to be married there. Stephanie relents and Eric agrees. Hope hugs them and goes to call Liam.

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