Tuesday's Update - August 30

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Tuesday's Update - August 30
Tue, 08-30-2011 - 10:46pm

Hope arrives in Ridge's office at Forrester. Eric, Thomas, Marcus, and Thorne congratulate her on her engagement and check out her ring. Thorne thinks she's earned some time off to plan her wedding. Hope tells Eric she wants to get married at his house. He's thrilled. She says she knows Liam wants to get married soon. Models come in wearing dresses. Hope wants a low-cut dress altered. Ridge announces that Hope is going to do a press junket in Paris. Oliver comes in as Ridge explains that he's got a presentation ready for Steffy's lingerie line. Hope watches uncomfortably as Steffy models lingerie to the song, "Stop Being a Good Girl." Oliver, Marcus, and Thorne talk about how different the girls' campaigns are.

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