Tuesday's Update - January 15

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Tuesday's Update - January 15
Wed, 01-16-2013 - 9:50am

Steffy watches Liam make-out with Hope through the window and flashes to discovering she's pregnant. She recalls Liam saying he's loyal to her and tears up. After Steffy leaves, Liam stops and tells Hope it isn't right. She says they should be together. He says they're not, and this isn't fair to Steffy. Hope goes over all the reasons they've been cheated and should be together now. "Nothing can stand in our way." She says they were victims and she wants to make it right. His head is spinning. He tells her he won't do the same damage to Steffy - to show her the respect she deserves. Hope says they deserve to be together. He doesn't want anyone to be hurt.

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