Tuesday's Update - January 29

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Tuesday's Update - January 29
Wed, 01-30-2013 - 10:04am

At home, Hope tells Brooke she has a bad feeling about her and Bill - she needs the truth. By Brooke's response, Hope realizes she is emotionally invested. She asks how far it has gone. Brooke explains that Katie pushed them together when she was depressed. "She went to great lengths to make it happen." Brooke goes on to explain that Bill was there for her after Stephanie died at the cabin. Hope is stunned to hear that they kissed. Brooke says she has no intention of interfering in Katie's marriage. Hope is skeptical - she and Bill seem to have an attraction; it's a dangerous game. Brooke insists Katie and Bill are fine - everything's fine. She swears neither of them would hurt Katie.

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