Tuesday's Update - January 8

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Tuesday's Update - January 8
Wed, 01-09-2013 - 10:29am

At Bill and Katie's house, Hope hollers at Bill that she wants the truth - everything that happened in Italy was his handiwork! Bill informs Hope she's supposed to yell, "Fore!" to give people a chance to get out of the way. He tells Taylor she's got a new patient. Hope says she won't leave until he admits everything. Bill reminds her he accepted her marriage, but says she was too immature to handle marriage. Hope says she's changed. Katie urges Bill to come clean. Hope accuses Bill of bringing Deacon to Italy. Katie admits she knew, and says Deacon did it for his freedom. Hope talks about how much it meant for Deacon to show up, but now she knows it was a scheme. Bill shrugs that they still got married. Hope asks Brooke, "Can you believe what this man has put me through?" She realizes Brooke already knew. Taylor says she and Donna also knew. Brooke explains that Liam was back with Steffy when they found out. Karen and Danielle chime in about Bill's controlling ways. Bill tells Hope not to tell Liam if she cares about him. Hope tells Bill he's taken everything from her and now she's come back to haunt him - he's going to understand how it feels to have everything ripped away. Once alone, Bill tells Katie her niece is out of control. She suggests he lay off the booze for a while - for their family. Bill worries about Liam. Katie says eventually Liam will forgive him; she has.

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