Tuesday's Update - July 19

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Tuesday's Update - July 19
Wed, 07-20-2011 - 10:10am

At home, Steffy remembers being with Bill in Malibu. Thomas comes into the room and Taylor asks them to be nice to each other. Thomas has a copy of Stephanie's will giving him the shares - he wishes he hadn't let her go through with it. Steffy and Thomas leave and Ridge comes in. He and Taylor discuss Steffy's feelings, and Ridge tells Taylor he didn't want to hurt her. Ridge says he came to pick up a few things. Taylor asks if he's sure. He goes to get his belongings. When he's ready to go, Taylor warns him he is making a mistake, and that she loves him and their kids. Ridge says he loves them too, that's why it will be so hard to cancel the Taboo line. Taylor protests - Thomas is already punishing himself. Taylor tells Ridge she thinks he's only going back to Brooke to make things right. Ridge disagrees. Taylor holds up Brooke's wedding ring. She tells Ridge to give it back to her and tell her it's on loan until she screws up again. They part with an embrace.

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