Tuesday's Update - November 13

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Tuesday's Update - November 13
Tue, 11-13-2012 - 4:49pm

At Stephanie's party, Celtic Woman perform 'Danny Boy'. Eric kisses Stephanie's forehead. This is followed up by the young girls who arrived earlier doing a Celtic dance. Everyone claps along. The girls pull up Liam, Rick, and Steffy to join in. Eric gets Stephanie to her feet and they dance in an embrace. Stephanie sits down and laughs at Pam and Brooke dancing. Bill tells Brooke he's glad she's having a good time. Brooke looks at the door, but Ridge doesn't come through it. She makes a speech to Stephanie - the most incredible woman she knows. Brooke says they'll celebrate her life every day by fighting for what's right, giving to those in need, and by loving each other. Brooke and Stephanie embrace. After, Felicia tells Brooke that she obviously doesn't know this, but her mom and dad are leaving tonight - this party is the last time any of them will see her. Brooke rushes over to Stephanie and informs her she will not let her leave.

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