Tuesday's Update - September 11

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Tuesday's Update - September 11
Tue, 09-11-2012 - 5:03pm

At Liam's place, Bill pours Liam some port and pulls out cigars. Liam doesn't want one. Steffy tells Bill to stop picking on him. Liam takes the cigar. They go outside. Steffy asks Katie, "Is this what brainwashing looks like?" Outside, Bill conducts a lesson on handling cigars with Liam. They discuss Hope dumping Liam. Bill thinks Liam wanted this outcome deep down. He builds up Liam's ego. Inside, Katie tells Steffy that Liam still loves Hope - it's not fair of Bill to use her. Steffy says she's not in competition with Hope - she just knows what she feels and wants. Once alone, Liam and Steffy discuss Bill. She wonders if Bill's success is really what Liam wants. Liam says Bill's right that he worries too much about what others think. Steffy is sorry Liam's so unhappy. Liam says Hope clearly doesn't want to be with him, so he needs to man-up like Bill said. He tells Steffy she's beautiful. She tells him not to base his decisions on the Spencer Boys Club - he's his own man. They kiss. She promises that when he comes around, they'll have the greatest love affair known to mankind.

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