Wednesday's Update - August 24

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Wednesday's Update - August 24
Wed, 08-24-2011 - 4:59pm

At home, Ridge and Brooke talk about Liam and Hope being together to celebrate their engagement. Ridge is uptight about it, noting that Liam seems like a good kid, but he's still a Spencer. Brooke assures him Liam is different from his father. Ridge warns that he'll be keeping an eye on him. He brings up Steffy, saying Liam admitted he had a bond with her. He worries there will be trouble along the lines of what Bill put Katie through. Brooke says she's giving Bill the benefit of the doubt - in the end he's always loyal. Brooke tells Ridge she gave Hope some 'help' on her way out. Ridge thinks maybe she should have stayed out of it. Brooke is happy it's all working out for Hope.