Wednesday's Update - August 29

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Wednesday's Update - August 29
Wed, 08-29-2012 - 5:11pm

At the beach, Liam tells Steffy he just knew how to find her. She asks if something happened. He flashes to Hope telling him he's not ready to be married. He says it's over with Hope and he doesn't think she's coming back this time. Steffy thinks maybe she'll change her mind. They walk to a shop with leather jackets. Steffy mentions Hope's unrealistic expectations and asks if he's ready to get real. Grinning, he dons a leather jacket. Ridge finds Taylor in Steffy's office. She says Liam's out tracking Steffy down to talk to her. Taylor says she's worked so hard to give Liam up, maybe now she won't have to. Ridge tells Taylor he has to support Hope too. Taylor wonders if Thomas will step in with Hope. Ridge says he's dating Caroline. Taylor thinks that was maybe because Hope was unavailable.

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