Wednesday's Update - August 3

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Wednesday's Update - August 3
Wed, 08-03-2011 - 5:35pm

At the hospital, Katie pleads with Bill not to leave her. She codes. Bill yells, "Do something!" Brooke and Donna look on as the doctor orders Bill to leave. They grill Bill about what's going on. Brooke demands to know what he said in his office that could give her a heart attack. Bill murmurs, "I told her I was involved with someone." They're outraged, and want to know who it is. He says, "Steffy." Brooke is stunned. Brooke and Donna step aside to assess Steffy's motives. Bill approaches to apologize. Brooke informs him he's going to make it right. Bill tells them Steffy wasn't just the other woman - he was going to end his marriage. Donna gasps. Brooke reminds Bill how much loyalty and family means to him.

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