Wednesday's Update - January 16

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Wednesday's Update - January 16
Wed, 01-16-2013 - 4:32pm

In Steffy's office, Taylor reflects on Steffy being pregnant. She phones Steffy, who doesn't want to discuss it. Taylor finally promises to keep it quiet. Steffy hangs up. Taylor murmurs, "My first grandchild...Liam should know, and Hope definitely should." Hope's at Forrester telling Rick she'll get beyond the damage he did to her life. Brooke appears and hugs Rick. He goes to see Eric. Brooke asks Hope if she's still upset with Rick. Hope shrugs that it will take time - she's focusing on getting back with Liam. Brooke reminds her Liam's living with Steffy. Hope smirks that there are a few details to be worked out, but she and Liam want to be together - that's all that matters. Brooke cautions that she's been hurt by Liam more than once. Hope argues that she was hurt by Bill and Rick. She says Liam's only with Steffy because she rejected him. Brooke warns that Liam and Steffy could have made significant commitments. Hope says nothing can keep them apart. Later, Hope moons over photos of her and Liam.

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