Wednesday's Update - July 13

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Wednesday's Update - July 13
Thu, 07-14-2011 - 10:34am

At Brooke's house, Stephanie continues to try to make amends. She wants Brooke to hear her out. Stephanie tells Brooke that she saw an opportunity to get her out of Ridge's life when she heard about the berries, and she manipulated Thomas. She admits it was shameful, shrugging, "Old patterns." Stephanie tells Brooke she's not the same person she met years ago - she no longer has the moral high ground; now it's Brooke's. Stephanie tells her how amazed she was that she didn't crumble, and even started the foundation. She says she was really wrong about her, and assures her she'll go to her grave trying to make it right. When Brooke doesn't speak, Stephanie rants on, saying she'll do anything to make amends. Brooke asks, "Anything?"

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