Wednesday's Update - July 27

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Wednesday's Update - July 27
Wed, 07-27-2011 - 5:19pm

At home, Bill sits on the sofa thinking about how he told Steffy he'd leave Katie. Katie appears and wonders why he didn't come to bed last night. He says he didn't want to wake her. He talks about a board meeting, and then apologizes for the way he reacted about the vow renewal. Katie snuggles up to him. Bill prepares to go, saying there's something he has to take care of before his meeting. She kisses him and he says she has so impacted his life. After Bill's gone, Karen arrives. Katie tells her Bill was actually annoyed yesterday - he doesn't like surprises. Karen says things are going good at the company - the shareholders accepted Bill after he married her - he seems like a changed man. Katie says part of the credit goes to Liam. Katie reflects that Bill is loyal to family.

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