Wednesday's Update - November 21

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Wednesday's Update - November 21
Wed, 11-21-2012 - 4:02pm

Stephanie's condition dramatically worsens in the cabin as she coughs up blood. Brooke puts a cool cloth on her brow and reads to her. Stephanie stops her to ask where her mother is - she thought she saw her mother. Brooke asks Stephanie what she needs. She replies, "Forgiveness." She admits to Brooke that she told Ridge to stay away from the party so he wouldn't see her this way. Brooke feels it may have been for the best - now she gets to be there and do this. "There's nothing to forgive." Brooke gets Stephanie up to look out. Stephanie says it's time, and wants to go out in the sun. Outside, they cuddle on a bench. Stephanie suggests Brooke go back - this part might be too hard. Brooke tells her, "Don't send me away." Stephanie smirks that she's tried; she always said she'd be the death of her.

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