Friday's Update - February 1

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Friday's Update - February 1
Fri, 02-01-2013 - 3:33pm

At her place, Sami begs for a chance with EJ. He goes to her with a kiss. They grab at each other and the kiss deepens... just as Rafe pounds on the door. Eventually, they answer and Rafe warns Sami to stay away from his sister. Sami was defending her son's rights but agrees to be more respectful. EJ follows Rafe out and Rafe congratulates him on coming in second. EJ taunts Rafe but Rafe doesn't care. "You and Sami deserve each other." EJ heads in and Sami expresses worry for her son. EJ starts discussing Will's case and Sami worries he doesn't want her. He has for the last six years but is waiting for the other shoe to drop... someone to interrupt. They realize there's nothing in their way now and are petrified. They kiss. She's sorry she wasted so much time and calls him the man he was meant to be. Maybe he couldn't have done that if he had been with her? He counters that he may have done that "in hopes of you." She asks him to stay. They snuggle on the sofa and kiss.

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