Friday's Update - November 16

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Friday's Update - November 16
Sat, 11-17-2012 - 9:42am

At the pub, Sami tells Eric he should stay away from Nicole. "You think a priest collar's going to stop her?" She tells him to pull out some holy water or a cross or a wooden stake. John shows up, Marlena returns and there are hugs. Father Tobias arrives. Eric's things arrived. He can get settled in. EJ finds Nicole at the park. She cowers. She has nothing to be nervous about. What can he do to her that's worse than what she has managed to do to herself? He gets after her about letting an innocent woman suffer and rubs it in that Jenn's now being cared for by Dr. Jonas. He sincerely is glad she didn't take her own life. "Did you think you were going to see your two dead babies in heaven?" Nicole cries as he goes on about the men she used who won't forgive her and how she'll be alone forever. He leaves and Eric arrives. She says she dug her own ditch and has to do the honorable thing and lie in it.

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