Monday's Update - November 19

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Monday's Update - November 19
Mon, 11-19-2012 - 5:11pm

Sami finds Will at the cafe looking forlorn. She asks him to speak with Gabi who is in trouble. Will flashes to learning he's the father of Gabi's child and says he'll help her. Sami wonders if he already knows, since he's not begging her for more information. She tells him Eric's back and he mutters about having school work before leaving. Sonny shows up on Gabi's doorstep. He heard she was sick and offers to help. Nick turns up with a tray of food and takes Sonny aside to ask if he'll get Chad to back off from getting in Gabi's face. Gabi takes a quick call from Sami and lets her know she hasn't told Rafe or Nick her news. She'll handle it in her own way. Sonny leaves and Gabi throws up after seeing the eggs Nick prepared. 

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