Spoilers - Week of November 12

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Spoilers - Week of November 12
Sun, 11-11-2012 - 12:17pm

Sami's saintly twin, Eric Brady, returns to Salem and is now a priest

Marlena receives a text of the news that Eric is back in town

Marlena shares the news with Roman and the rest of the family 

Eric's loved ones gather to welcome him back to Salem

Sami is especially thrilled to have Eric back, but warns him about Nicole

A stunned Nicole doesn't believe her eyes when she spots Eric 

Nicole comes face-to-face with Eric and is surprised by his new occupation 

Nicole has a hard time facing the truth that she could go to jail

Brady shows up for some face-time with a shattered Nicole

Nicole cries on Brady's shoulders while he suggests she atone for her sins 

Nicole admits she isn't sorry for her actions and sends Brady away 

Nicole is less apologetic when Jennifer arrives to see her

Like Brady, Nicole sends Jennifer packing, but soon begins to worry

Nicole realizes that Jennifer holds her freedom in her hands 

Jennifer meets with the DA about Nicole's crimes

Jennifer weighs her options as she faces a big decision

Jennifer decides not to pursue legal actions against Nicole

Daniel is relieved that Jennifer has decided not to press charges

Daniel embraces Jennifer and the two share a brief moment

Daniel and Jennifer agree to work on their friendship again

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