Spoilers - Week of November 26

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Spoilers - Week of November 26
Sun, 11-25-2012 - 12:49pm

Nicole extends a heartfelt apology to Jennifer

Nicole can't muster the strength to apologize to Daniel

A hopeful Nicole learns Daniel and Jennifer aren't together

Daniel ponders the clinical trial that would potentially cure his hand tremors

Daniel shares news of the trial with Maggie 

Maggie believes the risks of the trial are too great and warns Daniel

Maggie isn't happy with Jennifer's meddling and tells her so

Daniel informs Jennifer he's ready to go through with the trial

Maggie demands that Jennifer talk Daniel out of the trial

Daniel nearly talks himself out if the trail, but Jennifer encourages him

Daniel goes through with the trial, but the initial reports are not good

Hope and Kayla try to convince Eric that Nicole is not a good person

Eric tells his aunts there's a good chance Nicole can change 

Eric reunites with Caroline when she returns to Salem

Eric worries that his grandmother's health hasn't improved 

Caroline makes a tearful confession to Eric 

Caroline explains switching Parker's paternity test results 

Eric suggests Caroline apologizes to Daniel 

Caroline reaches out to Daniel and all is forgiven 

Kate reaches out to Stefano regarding their divorce 

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