Thursday's Update - January 24

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Thursday's Update - January 24
Thu, 01-24-2013 - 4:22pm

Sami and EJ get hot and heavy at her apartment. EJ pulls away. They only ever seem to end up in this situation when something terrible has happened. He loves her. Justin and Adrienne wander the square debating about the merits of showing Will compassion. Adrienne doesn't while Justin does. Lucas overhears and appreciates Justin's support. Lucas and Adrienne argue about their sons and Adrienne hopes the boys aren't getting back together. Lucas thinks they need to stay out of it and Justin tells his wife the situation isn't black and white. Abby finds Chad at the cafe. She's trying to wrap her head around his actions at the non-wedding. He can't tell her his motivation but in hindsight, he wouldn't do it over. Rafe heads in to ask Sonny where Will is. He has no idea. He and Will aren't together and it seems like so long ago that they were happy. Rafe's sorry. He goes to Abby and she reluctantlyshares Will's whereabouts.

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