Tuesday's Update - January 22

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Tuesday's Update - January 22
Wed, 01-23-2013 - 9:37am

Daniel finds the number to CPS on Jennifer's desk at the hospital and confronts Jennifer about Chloe doing tricks and the note. She claims Kate told her and she couldn't repeat it but that note isn't hers. Daniel is paged and in a huff rushes off with her following. They run into the waiting room with Chloe and Anne watching and smirking. Jenn asks Anne where the note came from. Anne says it's Hailey's writing. They question Hailey who claims Jenn requested it. Jenn denies it so they assume it was a mix-up. Jennifer stomps off and the three girls laugh it up. Later, Daniel runs into Billie and demands she have Kate contact him as soon as possible. Baffled, she leaves and Chloe finds Daniel to discuss her past. He tells her she put herself back together and is a good mother. They hug and he runs off.

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