Tuesday's Update - January 29

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Tuesday's Update - January 29
Wed, 01-30-2013 - 10:01am

Jenn arrives on Daniel's doorstep finding Chloe in one of Daniel's shirts. Chloe says it's not what she thinks. Daniel's not home. Jenn wonders why she's playing house in his apartment. Chloe lies about Parker spilling food on her and makes a show of knowing her way around. Chloe "finds" Daniel's phone and Jenn realizes that's why Daniel didn't meet her. Chloe senses hostility. They both want what's best for Parker, which is why Jenn decides to leave. Chloe chuckles when Jenn runs off. "Who says blondes have more fun?" She picks up Parker and plans on breaking up Daniel and Jenn's lunch plans.

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