Tuesday's Update - November 13

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Tuesday's Update - November 13
Tue, 11-13-2012 - 4:46pm

At the pub, Gabi passes out in Nick's arms. Eddie gets her some water and when she comes to she feels fine. She skipped breakfast. Nick forces her to go to the ER. Will stands in front of the mirror at home practicing his apology. In Sami's office, Lucas asks for her thoughts on Nicole's drama. Sami's not surprised. Nicole has done similar things in the past. She remembers how Nicole dumped Lucas for 5 million dollars in order to be with Eric. They discuss Lucas' issues with Will when he walks in. They get into it about trusting Sonny. Will leaves and says if his relationship with Sonny is screwed up, Lucas is to blame. Sami comments that she's not a bigot. Lucas denies being one. "If the shoe fits," Sami snarks.

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