Wednesday's Update - January 23

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Wednesday's Update - January 23
Wed, 01-23-2013 - 3:54pm

EJ comes between Sami and Rafe at the church. He understands Rafe's need to protect family but he won't let Rafe threaten Sami. Rafe sneers, "Really? You really going to go there right now?" Rafe and Sami yell at each other and EJ asks Rafe for compassion and respect. Rafe realizes this is pointless to discuss and on his way out, EJ says Will has changed his mind about walking away from his kid. Rafe and Sami discuss what Will wants and Rafe thinks it's always been about what Sami wants - it always has been. Fighting continues and Rafe calls Will messed up because of Sami. EJ defends Will, who isn't messed up. Rafe won't stand by and watch Sami screw up his sister's baby. He leaves and Sami whines that Will said the same things Rafe did, earlier. EJ thinks Will's just hurting. EJ supports her and Will. He makes her laugh a little.

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