Wednesday's Update - November 14

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Wednesday's Update - November 14
Wed, 11-14-2012 - 4:18pm

At the square, Nicole spots Eric Brady. Maxine waylays Nicole to discuss Jenn just as Eric jogs off. Nicole searches for him and flashes to the day he left town, and gave her a passionate kiss. Nearby at Mandalay, Rafe gets Sami's message and sees Sami's face in his server. Kristen meets EJ at the coffee shop. She pauses when she sees Marlena walk in. She has a proposition for him. Marlena interrupts. She tells EJ to run. She knows what Kristen's up to. She and Kristen get into it. "You need to back off," Marlena says as John arrives. He escorts Marlena away. "What did she do to you?" Marlena says she came in and there she was. John drags her out. EJ calls that impressive. He hasn't seen Marlena that upset in a long time. Kristen calls the doc imbalanced. EJ assumes that's the plan. She tells him about the 'coincidence' that she and John were stranded on Smith Island together. EJ smirks. Kristen wants EJ to take over at CW as Sami's boss in order to move things along with Sami. EJ's torn, knowing he will have to be on speaking terms with Stefano. EJ likes his bitter and estranged relationship. Kristen reminds EJ Stefano's not going to be around forever.

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