Wednesday's Update - November 21

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Wednesday's Update - November 21
Wed, 11-21-2012 - 3:58pm

At the pub, Sami blurts out that Gabi's pregnant. Nick didn't know. He's in shock. Upstairs, Rafe can't find Gabi so he returns to Nick. He learns Nick just found out about the baby and asks for help finding Gabi. Rafe and Nick butt heads before Rafe and Sami run upstairs to Gabi's room. Rafe feels he let Gabi down by neglecting her. Losing Arianna really affected her. He blames himself for being overprotective and thinks that's why this happened. Sami rolls her eyes. That's not why it happened. She needs to send out an email and since her phone isn't getting any bars she goes to Gabi's computer, where they see the family planning website. They look heartbroken.

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