Friday's Update - February 1

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Friday's Update - February 1
Fri, 02-01-2013 - 3:37pm

John finds Rafe kneeling over Alison’s body at the pier, holding the bloody arrow. John questions Rafe as he goes though his bag. He finds a picture of Alison and Rafe together and realizes they are mother and son. They bag up Alison as Anna arrives. John hands over the murder weapon and tells her Rafe has not said a word. At Kelly’s Molly is thinking about Rafe when TJ arrives. She tells him about feeding the boy she met by the pier and the more they talk, the more jealous TJ gets. Outside, Michael runs into Starr. He tells her what happened to ELQ and that Sonny is the one who gave the evidence to the paper. Sonny denied the whole thing but Connie told Michael what really happened. Starr chuckles at the idea of Connie telling the truth. They go inside and Starr thinks he should consider the idea that Connie is lying.

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