Friday's Update - November 16

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Friday's Update - November 16
Sat, 11-17-2012 - 9:39am

At the Haunted Star Robert tells Lulu he thinks Lavery is hiding something. She tells him about Olivia’s vision and he could believe it. He asks how accurate the visions are and believes it despite the LSD connection. He wants to call Olivia and get a description. At the nurse’s station Sabrina gushes to Liz about Patrick. Liz tries to warn her but it is too late. Patrick is right behind her and heard everything – except who it is. He wants to help set her up with whoever it is and she grudgingly tells him it is Dr. Webber. She has cared for him since the first moment she saw him. She asks them both to just drop it. He apologizes and gets back to his patients. Later, Patrick tells Sabrina she will find someone who is crazy about her and loves her the ways she deserves.

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