Monday's Update - January 28

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Monday's Update - January 28
Mon, 01-28-2013 - 4:32pm

AJ visits Tracy at ELQ, not surprised she worked with the mob. Michael arrives with the proof of her dirty dealings he got from Johnny. AJ calls the SEC and asks for the organized crime unit but will hang up if she steps down as CEO. If she does, he will give her the originals. "Et tu, Michael?," she asks. He remembers her comment at the will reading that he didn’t even count and was hurt. She is impressed with his memory, then reminds him about helping him with Abby. Michael asks her to sign anyway. The only problem she ever had with Michael was that he was Sonny’s son. Now that he is AJ’s, it is totally worse. She signs and he hands over the originals. AJ kicks Tracy out and she warns him it isn’t over. AJ makes himself at home.

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