Monday's Update - November 26

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Monday's Update - November 26
Mon, 11-26-2012 - 3:45pm

Molly and Kristina hang back after the ceremony for Edward and discuss Sam. They are worried about her. They invite Sam over for dinner at Alexis’ and she accepts. Meanwhile, Maxie rushes up and tries to rush off with Lulu before Spin stops her, but she is too late. He wants to talk but she brushes him off. Kristina hangs back after Molly leaves and is surprised to see Trey working. The pastor lets him sleep in the basement in exchange for work. She offers to buy him lunch. Alone with Sam, Spin tells her about Ellie. They have grown close in a short time. But after keeping him at arm’s length for more than a year, Maxie recently confessed she is in love with him. He is her "Mac." Sam wonders what he would have done if he did not have Ellie. The answer is moot since he is with Ellie. She asks if he still believes Jason is alive. He wants to believe but lacks Sam’s unwavering faith. She can’t believe he would give up after holding out hope for Maxie for so long and here she is, finally giving him her heart. Ellie arrives and is thrilled to meet Sam and Danny. Ellie was worried about him and glad Maxie was there for him.

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