Spoilers - Week of December 24

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Spoilers - Week of December 24
Sun, 12-23-2012 - 11:01am

Todd resorts to desperate measures to keep Johnny from talking to Starr 

Connie is determined to stop Johnny from confessing 

Johnny finds himself captive in his office compliments of Connie 

Starr shows up on the Haunted Star looking for Johnny 

Connie springs into action when Starr decides to call the police 

Lulu and Dante are hurt that Maxie turned to Spinelli instead of them when she felt cramps 

Ellie admits that she resented Spinelli spending Christmas Eve with Maxie 

Ellie is certain that Spinelli regrets choosing Ellie over Maxie 

Spinelli enlists Milo's help 

Kristina decides to accept Trey's offer 

Kristina and Trey break the news to Alexis and Sonny 

Trey tries to say goodbye to his mother 

Kristina notices an odd sound coming from Connie's trunk 

Todd catches Sam in the act of breaking into his safe 

Sam admits that she's trying to find Molly's manuscript 

Carly arrives when Todd calls security 

Carly defends Todd when Sam calls Todd out for his role in the baby switch 

Sam offers Carly some words of caution

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