Spoilers - Week of December 31

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Spoilers - Week of December 31
Sun, 12-30-2012 - 10:31am

Starr suffers a head injury after her encounter with Connie 

The police are on the hunt for Connie 

Lives hang in the balance when two cars collide 

Connie considers her options 

Was a pedestrian also struck? 

Johnny finally faces Starr after she learns the full extent of what he's done 

Johnny is arrested and charged for all of his crimes 

Carly learns the details of Johnny's arrest 

Olivia's visions continue to plague her 

The Haunted Star hosts a New Year's Eve party 

Spinelli enlists Milo's to give Ellie a romantic rooftop New Year's Eve 

Maxie finds Spinelli drunk and believing the worst about Ellie 

Maxie helps Spinelli home where Lulu and Dante are waiting 

Spinelli and Maxie turn to each other for solace 

Passion flares when Todd and Carly share a New Year's Eve kiss 

Todd and Carly put their past loves behind them and make love 

Todd and Carly talk about where they stand with each other

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