Spoilers - Week of January 28

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Spoilers - Week of January 28
Sun, 01-27-2013 - 11:10am

Tracy is caught off guard when A.J. and Michael confront her with proof of her illegal activity 

Connie is curious why Tracy is determined to destroy ELQ 

Connie breaks down in Tracy's arms over the devastating loss of Trey 

A.J. hires Duke to work for ELQ 

Anna is conflicted when she learns about Duke's new job 

Michael fears that Tracy has something up her sleeve 

Ned gives Tracy some hope 

Tracy enlists Luke's help to find out what Carly knows about another Quartermaine heir 

Patrick is frantic when Emma disappears during Britt's watch 

Sabrina is furious with Britt 

Britt vows that Sabrina will regret crossing her 

Sabrina issues her own warning to Britt 

Patrick washes his hands of Britt 

A phone call leaves Sabrina upset 

Britt is furious that Sabrina made Britt look guilty in Emma's disappearance 

Felix thinks that Sabrina and Elizabeth need to spice up their nonexistent love lives

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