Spoilers - Week of November 19

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Spoilers - Week of November 19
Sun, 11-18-2012 - 9:14am

Robert is reluctant to discuss Luke's whereabouts 

Robert and Olivia talk about the past 

Robert realizes that something is definitely amiss 

Tracy plays a cruel trick on A.J. 

Sam throws A.J. out 

Michael makes an appeal to Sam 

Monica figures out that Tracy is responsible for A.J. dropping out of sight 

Tracy plots to send A.J. to jail and gain ownership of Monica's home 

Edward's nurse delivers bad news in the midst of Tracy, Monica, and A.J. squabbling 

Tracy and Monica have different ideas about what needs to be done 

Edward is A.J.'s primary concern 

Starr spends the night on Michael's sofa 

Sonny turns to Alexis for legal help to keep A.J. away from Michael 

Sonny vents his frustration to Shawn about how Connie and A.J. exploit the system 

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