Wednesday's Update - December 26

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Wednesday's Update - December 26
Thu, 12-27-2012 - 12:21pm

[General Hospital joined in progress 2:01 PM EST] Spinelli is looking at his phone.

Carly visits Michael’s apartment to wish him a Merry Christmas and drop off his gift. Starr listens in. He opens it and finds his ELQ voting proxy. Carly asks him not to ruin his future for A.J. after all his challenges, including prison, and he argues he won’t. They hug and as Starr comes out, Carly leaves. Starr asks which fathers' house they are going to. He then asks Starr to decide where they go. She says she will go anywhere as long as it isn’t her father’s and explains about the fake heart attack. She says she understands what Carly was saying. Michael asks how long she was listening to them and then explains to her what happened in prison. He discusses Abby and life after leaving prison. She thanks him for sharing and they kiss. She decides they should stay at the apartment for Christmas.

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