Friday's Update - December 21

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Friday's Update - December 21
Sat, 12-22-2012 - 11:36am

Michael and Lauren make-out at home. Jamie comes to the door and says he's headed to a group home that he has been to before. He doesn't want to go back there - he wants to stay at home. Michael promises to make some calls. Fen comes in as Lauren is giving Jamie a hug. He's not impressed, but invites Jamie to play a video game when prompted by Michael. Fen reappears and Lauren tells him they may ask Jamie to stay with them. When they propose the idea to Jamie, he says it's not why he came. Fen insists he stay. Jamie assures Fen he's not after his life. Fen tells his parents he's going to study for a chemistry test, but Jamie knows there's not one. Outside the door, Fen calls Summer. He tells Jamie he's going to see her for her birthday. Later, Lauren finds a throwaway cellphone in Fen's backpack. She and Michael wonder what he's using it for.

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