Friday's Update - December 7

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Friday's Update - December 7
Sat, 12-08-2012 - 10:19am

Victor and Nikki contemplate Sharon at the penthouse door. Victor lets her in, whispering to Nikki that he's giving her enough rope... Everyone gawps. Sharon says she assumed they'd all be there. Chelsea realizes Adam told her about the party. Nikki informs Sharon she won't let her barge in and drop a bomb. Victoria rants that she let them believe Dad was dead and lost them Newman Enterprises. Sharon admits it - she came to apologize. Nikki, Vikki, and Nick think she should go. She snaps at well-meaning Noah that she has to do this - now! She apologizes for the pain she caused the family - her own. Victor asks what angle she's working. Nikki goes off on her. Sharon protests that she was sick and made mistakes! She screams to Noah, "I need to make them understand!" The Newmans don't care. Victor accuses her of being drunk. Noah and Adam defend her and try to get her to go. She leaves and Chelsea is appalled when Adam follows her. They all talk about how pathetic Sharon is, but Nick complains how they're talking in front of Noah. They ask about her illness. Nick says to cut her some slack next time. Victor has his driver take Chelsea home. Carmine tells Noah it's like a reality show - the classier they dress, the nastier they fight. He makes a crack about Sharon and Noah grabs him. Nick and Victor intervene. Victor throws Carmine out. Vikki tells Nikki she wishes she'd stayed home. Once alone, Victor tells Nikki everyone went home because of Sharon. She says it was because of him too - he's up to his old tricks. Victor says he wanted to give Adam a false sense of security.

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