Friday's Update - February 1

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Friday's Update - February 1
Fri, 02-01-2013 - 3:29pm

Tyler stops Cane and Lily as they're leaving Jabot to meet Chelsea. He says Jack wants to meet with him and Lily. Cane tells Lily to go ahead; he'll go meet Chelsea and try to stall the meeting until she can get there. Lily and Tyler get trapped in the elevator. He begins to panic. She asks if he's claustrophobic. He says it's like that, but comes when something's wrong. Lily tries to calm him. Tyler shakily opens up about being in a bad situation when he was a kid. He talks about being scared and staying hidden - he got through it by playing make-believe. Lily tells him they're in a starship. They make up names for themselves. He says she's saving his life. Soon, they're out.

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